System.util.retarget freeze client when original project launched from the Client Launcher App

Using Ignition 8.0.1 We have two projects running concurrently, in which we move from one to the other using system.util.retarget. If we open one project from the Client application launcher app, when retargetting, the new project is stuck at initializing …

Here is a similar port, that shows this problem being experienced back to the ignition 8 early access:

If the project itself is opened directly, without going through the retargetting, everything goes fine. If the project is launched directly from a shortcut created with the Client application launcher, everything is fine.

When it happens - which is systematicaly if the source project from which you are retargetting was lauched with the application launcher - the application never wakes up (waited a whole week-end once), and there doesn’t seem to be way to get out of this client other than killing the java.exe process (window button to close X doesn nothing). There doesn’t seem to have any pertinent logs in the gateway about the stalled process.

There might be a workaround though: When stuck in this situation, killing the original application launcher, or directly its process in taskmanager (javaw.exe), the initialisation phase continues and the initial retargetting ends up fine! I mention it since it might help find the source of the issue.

Try upgrading both systems to 8.0.2. There’s an issue with the client launchers interacting with running Java frames (and causing them to lock up) that’s fixed in 8.0.2.