System.util.retarget security issue

I have 2 projects with different names and IPs and different users, but when I use system Retarget to switch between 2 projects, it goes directly to the project and never asks about login.

the project is not on Auto log in

I am using below scripts
system.util.retarget(“Test”, “IP-address:8088/main”)

and If I add anything after the main like a specific page, it is show an error and never run and shows an error

Do you have any idea?

@jamshidzade , Does the user that you’ve launched the Vision client with exist on both gateway’s with matching credentials? It looks like you’re indicating that this isn’t the case, but I wanted to clarify, as the retarget function will attempt to authenticate with the new gateway using the current credentials and then fallback to a username/password prompt.

From the docs page:

The retarget feature will attempt to transfer the current user credentials over to the new project / Gateway. If the credentials fail on that project, the user will be prompted for a valid username and password. Once valid authentication has been achieved, the currently running project is shut down, and the new project is loaded.

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Thanks for the reply

YES it is totally different user with different credentials

I did a test by the new user with new credentials but still go directly to the project not log in page

Things to check would be your user source configuration in both projects:

If both projects have differing user sources (on their respective gateways) and those user sources don’t contain the same users and credentials, you might consider reaching out to support for a deeper dive. I can’t replicate this behavior locally.

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Thanks again

Yes will do, I have Priority Care support with ignition

The user source for both project is default but the username and password is different