system.util.sendMessage in alarm notification pipeline

Hello folks,

I’m trying to send a message from a script block in an alarm notification pipeline. The goal here is to send that message to a local gateway from a remote gateway, to process it in a special way.
I need to keep the pipeline on the remote gateway, because that’s where the mail server is configured.

It works just fine from the script console, but not from the pipeline.

I tried logging before and after the call to system.util.sendMessage, I get the first log entry, but not the second. No error is logged, whether I try to catch and log it myself or not.

The call itself is basic:

	payload={'message': message},
	scope="CGS", # 'G' should be enough, but just to make sure...

What am I missing ?

Alright, nevermind, I’m an idiot.
The call was behind a messed up condition that could never be true.

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I hate when that happens!