system.util.sendMessage to Perspective session

I’m trying to figure out how to send a message from an async method from the Gateway, to a Perspective session

right now, I am trying to use
system.util.sendMessage("myProject", "refresh-production-data", scope="S")

In my table in Perspective I have the following

I know the message is sent, as when I use different scope in the sendMessage, I have errors in Ignition logs

Is it how it is supposed to work?

Found out I need an intermediary Perspective Session Events to forward the message to the page

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Correct. Perspective component-level handlers are listening for messages broadcast by the session at the level you specify, but system.util.sendMessage is being broadcast by the Gateway. The Session itself needs to have an intermediary listener to allow for the session to hear the message broadcast by the Gateway, where this session-level listener can in turn broadcast and be heard by components.