SystemPropertiesRecord Warning/Error in Logs

Has anyone ever seen a warning/error similar to this one in the logs? Seems to happen every few minutes, but doesn’t really give me any information on how to track it down, so I’m not even sure where to start.


Running Ignition 8.1.0 with only Perspective, no Vision. Same error was occurring before I updated when I was on 8.0.16.


That’s very unfortunate - we’re getting an exception, but not logging any of the details about that exception. Regardless, what most like has happened is somehow the Status or Config roles are saved into the DB as invalid JSON. I would recommend getting in contact with support - they should be able to reach into your DB and reconstruct things. When you go to Config -> Security -> General, what do the ‘Gateway Config’ and ‘Status Page’ permissions settings look like? If you change them and save the page, do these errors continue?

Well that did it!

Changed from all roles to at least one and haven’t gotten it since.


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