Tab container and box shadow

Good morning,
I would like to remove the box shadow of the tab container; I see inspecting it that the default grey color should be made in this lines:

.ia_tabContainerComponent__tab--modern--active {
    font-weight: 500;
    color: var(--neutral-90);
    box-shadow: inset 0 -3px var(--border);

So i create a new style and insert the code under “background image” to make a test and change the color to white but it doesn’t work:

} { box_shadow: #ffffff } {

Could you help me please?

I’m not seeing a shadow when I drop a tab container onto a view. (Ignition 8.1.16.) Can you post a cropped screengrab?

Ok course, here you are the picture.
I add the white rectangle adding the styles of the active tab as in picture attached.

Annotation 2022-07-25 074712
Annotation 2022-07-25 075027

You omitted to mention that you were using menuType : modern although I might have spotted it from the CSS.

Try adding : none

the selector and the property are not copied correct from the line you posted above xd also proabbly needs !important

} .ia_tabContainerComponent__tab--modern--active { box-shadow: inset 0 -3px #ffffff !important } {

If I was trying to get rid of the shadow using the color property I’d make it transparent - #ffffff00.

You can use box-shadow: none !important to make it dissapear, seems like he wanted it to be white idk.

There’s a difference between transparent and none, which is akin to the difference between props.meta.visible and props.position.display. I.e. none removes the box-shadow altogether whereas transparent uses processing power to “display” an invisible colour


Thanks guys for all your help. I apologize for not to be very clear in the explanation.

In the end using } .ia_tabContainerComponent__tab--modern--active { box-shadow: none } {
it works properly… the only things is that in the designer I don’t see the exaclty preview (even in preview mode), but if i launch it with F12 or with the app it looks correct.

Thank you very much for your time