Tab container navigation

I have a tab container being used as navigation in a north dock, based off a change script on the currentTabIndex property.

All works well but if you have some form of other navigation inside a view to another view your not able to reselect the tab to go back to that main view, as it wont fire the change script. So you have to click another tab then click back, if that make sense. So for example, a tab called world. That opens say a world map, if you click USA, that opens a USA map. You then cant click the world tab to go back as its already selected.

I thought if I could hide a tab, I could create a dummy tab and use that in a session property if any other form of nav is used but cant find a way to hide a tab.

Any suggestions on being to reselect the tab or clear the selection without navigating?. Clearing the tabindex value defaults to tab 0.

Instead of relying on a change script I would modify the tabs to render as Views. Doing so would allow you place an onClick Event in the root of the Views being used for the tabs where you would then perform the navigation.

Thankyou, I believe I’m using the tab container in a non standard way. As the tab container is in a north dock I’m not using the view part of it, if that makes sense. I minimized the height so all you see is the tab strip. I then use if statements on the selected tab index to navigate/change the main view.

I could change it to use buttons instead of tab container, I just liked the visual look of the tabs but I believe I can replicate that with buttons/labels. Or take the tab container out of the North dock and use it in the correct way in the main view which I believe if I understand correctly your solution would need ?

Edited, or change to a horizontal menu.

The Tab Container allows for you to render the tabs themselves as Views, if you so choose. If you go this route, then you can allow the Views being rendered to handle the navigation for you.