Tab Container using Inline Frame for Displaying other Projects


Looking for some advice, or parameter settings to overcome the following:

  1. Gateway with multiple projects created and deployed.
  2. Each project has a unique KPI page for the business unit.
  3. There is a Corporate project that uses a Tab Container with the individual tabs configured to use the Inline Frame component to point to the individual project KPI page(s) above.

This is all working well, however, when a Corporate user jumps between the tabs for each of the sites, Ignition reloads the project each time, showing the blue Ignition screen with the 4 stage: authenticating, connecting, loading, and synchronizing splash screen. On some of the sites, this takes a while to do. There are no login credentials required for these screens, so no one has to log in each time, but that might be a wish down the road.

Is there a way to force Ignition to cache all of the individual tabs so that navigating between them is seamless (or potentially a browser setting to do the same)?

Another real slow point is one of the Corporate tabs also using the Inline Frame, is pointing at a PowerBI screen. This refreshes every time the user navigates away and back and is probably one of the slowest loads. This one would be really nice to connect and cache when the browser is first opened (or at least the first time that tab is navigated to).



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