Tab loading slowly

I have tabs with lots of tag information on them and it takes about 5 seconds to load each tab. I was wondering if there was a way I could preload the stuff on the tabs? I thought about having all the windows always visible and just changing the layers but that's a ton of work. I also thought about having a page that's always in the background called "all tags" that would just have everything on all the other screens on one page so it was always "cached". If anyone has experience on the best way to do this let me know. I'm aware it's very inefficient from a resource standpoint. Thanks!!

Vision or Perspective?

Vision using tab componenet.

There are a couple approaches.

  • Don't use the tab component's window swapping. Instead, place the tab component in a main window, with overlapping containers butted up against it. Control the visibility of those containers with expressions that check the selected tab name. The component bindings on all the containers will be live even when hidden.

  • Create a "do-nothing" client tag change event that subscribes to all the tags you want to always be ready to display. The script would be just pass. The client will subscribe to those tags on startup and they will stay fresh for immediate display on any window that needs them.