Tab Strip change tag value

Is it possible to change a Boolean tag value through a tab strip based on the tab that was selected?

For example if I create a tab strip with 3 tabs. I would like to change the value of a tag to true only if tab 1 was selected.

Short answer: Yes

Long answer:
If you use scripting on the propertyChange event, and have it look at the selectedTab property, you can have a quick if, elif, else script that will set a certain tag to true if the corresponding tab has been selected.

To my knowledge you cannot have multiple tabs selected at once, so this would not work if you want to toggle multiple boolean tags at the same time.

assuming you are in vision, here’s an example script:

if event.propertyName == "selectedTab":
	tab = event.source.selectedTab
	if tab != -1:
		paths = [

		if tab == 'Tab 1':
			values = [1,0,0]
		elif tab == 'Tab 2':
			values = [0,1,0]
		elif tab == 'Tab 3':
			values = [0,0,1]
			values = [0,0,0]

		system.tag.writeBlocking(paths, values)