Tab strip component Selected Tab when using timeout script to return home

I have a project that uses a single tier of tab strip navigation. I have implemented a "return home" client timer script running to return the home screen after 30 seconds of inactivity. That is all working as desired but, the tab strip shows the last screen as selected instead of the home screen they are on as selected.

The tab strip still functions fine in this situation but is there a way to update the tab strip selection to match the current screen when navigating with scripts?

I figured it out!

Seeing as my tab strip is on a docked window and should always be open I was able to replace:
Navigation = system.gui.getWindow("Navigation")
Navigation.getRootContainer().getComponent("Tab Strip").selectedTab = "Home"


You could probably also bind the selectedTab property to the [System]Client/CurrentWindow tag, as long as you're not using multiple desktops.