Tab strip component size with tab text on multiple line

Ignition 7.6.6 / 7.7
For the tab strip component the size of tab seem to be based on the max text length
but it doesn’t care about html, like beak line.
I need to have tabs with text on multiple line, with a narrow size of tabs !
Any workaround :scratch:

Example : DISPLAY_NAME = texte1

I am also looking for an answer to this. The HTML makes the tab really wide.

I am having same problem, I need the multiline text in Display Name.
So I am using HTML tags like “
” “” and it is working and I can get the text in two lines.

But size of tab will increase or decreases as I add or remove the HTML tags, I think the label area treat the HTML tags as text.

Also I am having one more issue regarding “Apply To all”. When I click the “Apply To all” button to apply settings related to “When selected” and “When unselected”, the "Mouse over text also change to default (first tab Mouse over text is apply to all tabs). I am not understand that this “Apply To all button” is applicable to Mouse over text or it is only for “When selected” and “When unselected” settings?

I think it should not affect the mouse over text because it is related to individual tab.

Please suggest.

Please see below snapshots

Has there ever been a solution to this issue?? Just ran into it myself.

You need to change the amount of text padding. As you can see in my screenshot i have reduced the amount of text padding to -128 to make the tab more narrow.

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