Tab strip control - Text orientation

Does any one knows, how to change orientation of texts in tab strip component


You can change the renderer of your tab strip to “Simple”: It will change the text orientation. It’s the easiest way to do it.


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Thank you Overcraft31, I have checked with “simple”, but I get the desired results using “Folder” style.

strange behavior of tab strip component, in Tab strip customizer it is look like as below.

After closing Tab strip customizer looks like as below In designer.

If designer put into Preview mode Tab strip looks like as below.


Please let me know are you able to see the screenshots, i have uploaded? I am not able to see screenshots uploaded on forum. Is there any setting? I am using Google Chrome browser.

Yes we can see your screenshots.
I’ve seen the behavior that you describe in my designer too… Very disturbing!
I hope someone know about this “behavior”, but I think it’s a bug…

If you launch the published app, what’s the behavior? (Can’t test it right now…)

Thank you very much Overcraft31.

I have checked launching client and it is working fine the client. Tab strip (Folder Style) working in client as desired. Please find attached Designer and client screenshots.
In Designer

In Client