Tab strip does not show the arrow when not enough space

I have strange problem. When vision project is run on lower resolution i would expect the tab strip which is used for navigation to display the arrow to reach tabs that are not displayed.
For some reason it does not happen and i cannot reach some items on the menu. I checked all options and i don’t see anything obvious. Has anybody experienced similar issue by any chance? or maybe any idea how to troubleshoot it?
Many thanks for any feedback

Do you see the scroll bar instead?


Check overflow property in the style. If it’s not there try adding overflow: visible property under style of tab strip or a view

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hi Gaurav
Many thanks for your reply. Did you mean this menu ? Or something else? Please provide bit more guidance - i could not find overflow property anywhere i am using 8.0.10

Hi I apologize, I thought the issue you’re facing is in Perspective.

mmmm, it will be great if you can share a screen shot.