Tab strip loads wrong screens

I am using 7.3.0.

I have a system with 8 menu items on a tab strip.

One of the menu items is for reports.

On the side of the reports screen I have a selection of reports which will load an new screen with the report requested.

If the user selects a secondary report and the selects a new screen from the tab strip it loads the wrong screen. (the tab strip and the screens tied to the strip will now be out of SYNC.

You have to select several of the tabs from the first to the last several times till they load the correct screen again.

Any suggestions???

You just need to bind the selectedTab property of the tab strip to the following SQLTag:


That way when you change to a new window from outside of the tab strip it will update for you.

I did as you suggested BUT when you click on a TAB it loads screens that are NOT tied to the TAB. It reloads screens that were selected from buttons on my report screen.

On the report screen I display a Daily,Monthly, Annual reports. The default is the daily report. There is a Button for Monthly, Annual, Flow, Alarm etc. If I click on those buttons it will load the screen with the appropriate report. Now if I select a different screen using the Tab strip it loads the screens from the report.

I click on the TAB for Unit 1 repeatedly and it will bring up the screens selected on the report tab until I cycled thru all the reports selected and then it will load Unit 1 and work correctly from then on.

You might want to try and use system.gui.getOpenedWindows() just to check how many windows you have opened. Assign the results to a tag and display it on the screen/screens. I had something similar happening as a result of having multiple screens opened.

Are these report windows being opened are are you swapping to them? Swapping will close whatever old window is open in favor of the new one. Just a thought, for whatever it’s worth.

The swap function in Ignition relies on the fact that you only have one “main” window at any given time (full screen and not docked). You can easily tell if you have too many windows open by clicking on the “Windows” option in the menubar.