Tab Strip Name HTML String Format

Attempting to utilize a tab strip for template and its going well so for. I was requested by users to apply a carriage return on a tab display name . I use the following string:


The result however:


The tabs are set to individually expand or contract based on their names(all but this one are normal text). There seems to be spacing on both sides of the name. How do I get rid of this. Please advise.

Try setting the size mode property to individual instead of automatic. Believe the tab customizer can also be used to set sizing of individual tabs.

Yes. That property has been set. and yet I am still facing the issue

Are the other tabs in <HTML> as well? Try that even if they don’t need it for anything, the html tag brings some formatting with it (as you can see your font is different for that one tab). Mixing and matching some tabs with HTML and others without may be causing the issue.

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Font was changed on purpose to see what the effect was. Going to keep font same and apply html format on all tabs to see if the issue goes away. Thanks

It looks like the width of the tab is determined by the length of the string (which counts the html formatting as text) and not by the effective displayed length after applying the html formatting :thinking: I hope it’s not the case!

well I see a problem in your html coding, it’s not mandatory to finalize it but it should end like


don’t forget the forward slash

Also breaking the row shouldn’t be used, by using <html> the text can jump to next line if text area allows.
Try that and keep online

well in fact this is a problem…I’ve tried some ideas but none works, maybe is easier to place a label over the tab strip and group them.
Terrible solution tho

Unless you care about the look, which you do on a tab (or you should). A triangle looks better than an inverted triangle, and not using breaks will force an inverted triangle.
Also, using an end HTML tag is a waste of time, and will only increase the width of the tab even more

Just did a handful of testing in 8.0.14 and it does look like this is the case.