Tab strip navigation component

Is it possible to pass parameters for use in indirect tag links when using the Tab Strib component?

We change the destination of tabs dynamically, but we do this by updating the Tab Data dataset used by the Tab Strip component when a window opens.

Yes, but you have to set the “Navigation Mode” of the tab strip to “Disabled”. By default the mode is set to “Swap to Window” and it doesn’t pass any parameters. Follow these steps:

  1. Set the tab strip’s “Navigation Mode” to “Disabled.”
  2. Right click and select Event Handlers…
  3. Setup a mouseClicked event with a script like this:[code]tab = event.source.selectedTab

if tab == “Tab 1”:
system.nav.swapTo(“SomeWindow”, {“Param1”:“Value”})
elif tab == “Tab 2”:
system.nav.swapTo(“SomeWindow2”, {“Param1”:“Value2”})[/code]

Thanks, works great!