Tab Strip Navigation Glitch

I’m using tab strip navigation on a project and am having issues with the tab strip hanging up.

Sometimes using only tab strip navigation if I click one item and then another item it won’t let me go back to the previous menu item unless I select a different menu item.

This is repeatable and has happened to me on a couple of projects. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening? I’ve already bound the “Selected Tab” property to [System]Client/User/CurrentWindow.

Not sure if it’s permanently fixed or not. I was playing with the scripting. And put in something into the mouseClicked script. Saved it, and removed the script from mouseClicked. Now the navigation menu appears to be working correctly and I haven’t been able to hang it up yet.

The menu started hanging up again today. Has anyone else ran into this, or have any thoughts on how to fix it?

Make sure you only have one main window set to open at start. The tab strip navigation gets confused if you have multiple main windows open at once.

I also saw the same behavior with the tab strip in one of my projects.
Based on Will's comments, I checked the scripts on the tab strip, and found some mouse clicked event scripting left over from a previous project (this tab strip was copied from an old project).
After I removed the mouse clicked scripting, the tab strip behavior was better.