Tab Strip Navigation Intermittent Problem

I have noticed the same problem on three different projects.

I started each with the single tier tab strip navigation template.

When I click on a tab and the window opens, then I click on an adjacent tab, nothing happens. I have to click on a tab at least two “spots” away from the presently selected tab and then I can go back to the one I wanted to open. This seems to be intermittent. It may work well at times where I can click on each tab in succession and then for a period of time, I have to skip one and then go back.

I thought it might have to do with opening a pop-up from a separate button on one of the pages, but sometimes it occurs right after starting the project before I have opened any pop-ups.

Other times I have no issues. Like right now…it’s working perfectly…

I have toyed with the text padding and intertab spacing and it didn’t seem to help.

Has anyone else seen this?

Hi Okie,
I had this problem for a while. The fix was to make sure that only a single main window was set to open at startup. The tabstrip component works by closing one window and opening the clicked one. It seems to get confused when you have multiple windows open in the background. Check that and see if it solves your issue.


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Aha, I had not noticed that. I did set up the size and title properties of the first main window and then duplicate it as a basis for subsequent windows. In my latest project, I ended up with 3 of 10 windows set to open at start up. I changed it to only start the “Overview” window and will see if that fixes it for me.

Thanks for the response!