Tab Strip Navigation issue after Updating the project in client

Hi I am using Tab strip in my client
I have to 2 tabs…

Tab navigation working fine when i switch. but when i kept the project navigation second tab and update my project… tab strip now showing first tab as selected and window is not changing its showing the second tab window

this is happening when i update the project

Please help me out in this @PGriffith

Is the ‘Selected Tab’ of your tab strip bound (bidirectionally?) to the [System]Client/CurrentWindow tag? (That path may not be exactly right, but that’s the gist.)



I am not using a tag for this one… I am using Swap window option for this one… From tab strip dataset i am getting the corresponding window name and i have enabled swap window option. This working fine but when i update i am not redirecting to correct window

We need to use tag to work properly?

Leave swap window as is and bidirectionally bind the tag too. It should function as it does for you now, except the binding will ensure it stays in sync.

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Which property of tab stirp i have to bind the tag?



Ok i will try it out