Tab Strip Questions

  1. Is it possible to change the font of the Text on a Tab Strip?

  2. Is it possible to associate a function Key with a Tab Strip?

  3. How can I have a specific Tab Strip selected when I open a window?


Forget point 1 I was up till 3 working last night and am brain dead.

The others I need to know. I load a page and want to select the tab for that page. (I can navigate there from other points on the screen.)

It is possible to associate function keys with the tab strip. You don’t configure this on the tab strip but in the Keystroke events under Project -> Event Scripts Client -> Keystroke. There you can configure an event for each function key and the script would be something like:system.nav.swapTo("New Window Name")If you want to change the tab strip’s selected tab just bind the selectedTab property to either the System tag:[System]Client/User/CurrentWindowor another tag or property that is the current window name.

Tried this but it seems like the value is two steps behind. Strange. Repeatable. I have a tabstrip with 10 buttons and F1-F10 controlled on the client event script. I mouse click F1 then F7, F8, F6, F5, F1. The screens and the tabstrip perfectly follow the sequence. Next I press function keys F7, F8, F6, F5 and the screens change perfectly, but the indicator stays on F1, then when I press F1 key the indicator jumps to F7. Now I mouse click F1 and indicator jumps to F8, mouse F1 again to F6, mouse F1 again jumps to F5, mouse F1 again jumps to F1 and everything is back.

Did something change with the new version. I’m running 7.4.0-rc1

Keep in mind that you can only have one main window open at a time. It works ok for me. Try upgrading to the latest 7.4 which is no longer a release candidate.

I only have one open at a time. I’ll try upgrading and see what hapens.

I upgraded to the latest release and I still have the same issue. Very weird behaviour, but very repeatable.

Any chance you can call our tech support really quick at (800) 266-7798 and press 2. We would like to take a look at it.

I knew it had to be simple and I looked right past it several times. The problem was with the client event script keystoke. [color=#FF0000]I accidently used openWindow instead of swapTo[/color]. It did not appear to open muliple windows, but definitely gave a strange behaviour. As soon as Mike opened the script and edited the first one, I knew that was it and would solve the problem. Sure enough when we retried after changing them all, everything works as it should.

Thanks very much for your help. You guys are awesome.

Glad you got it working. Sometimes it helps to have another set of eyes on it. :slight_smile: