Tab Strip scripting

I’m so sorry, but i can’t find how can I use TAB STRIP with Disabled mode? Because I don`t understand how these code must look like. I checked out all HELP at ignition and all forum pages. Thank you in advise! My version Ignition 8.0.16

No need to apologize, the forums are here to help. You will need to provide some more detailed information though.

What are you trying to do?
What is actually happening?
What have you tried?

sorry for my English!
I have a window in which the conveyors are located. By clicking on one of them, the “Information” window opens. This should open one from the TabStrip tabs. It contains detailed information about the conveyor.
This window “Information” contains a Tabstrip object with a call to windows smaller than the “Information” window. Tabstrip has 5-6 tabs.

By clicking on the tabs, small windows open, but at the same time they open in full size, and not those that I have selected in the settings. These windows must be parameterized (unique). That is, there is a parameter that, when opening the “Information” window and all its tabs, displayed information only for the conveyor that was previously pressed (accidents, warnings, etc.)
I think that what I want to do is only possible with mode Disabled, but I don’t understand how to do it at all. I didn’t work in Ignition before. Here, I master it, but not everything works out the first time and even the second! (

Okay, so it looks like you are using the tab strip in a popup window. In this case you would need to use it with the Navigation Mode set to “Disabled” as you have stated.

The problem that I think you are having is that in “Disabled” mode the tab strip doesn’t do anything other than set the selectedTab property. You will need to set up multiple containers which contain the different objects that you want, and bind the containers visibility to the selectedTab property.

You will not be able to use the tab strip in navigation mode to swap to other windows and make those windows show up in the pop-up, that isn’t how the swapTo function works.


Yes, exactly, I understand that. But I thought I needed a script to call windows in Disabled mode. Ie, you suggest using the “Visible” property for objects on the screen, and not calling windows? because somewhere on the forum I saw that you can somehow call a window with the appropriate dimensions that are needed, but I do not know how to write this. For me, the scripts are not very clear yet!

If you were using it for navigation as a main window then yes you could call windows. To do that you would have to have the tab strip in a docked window. It looks like your trying to use it as a popup though.

Doing it as a popup, you can’t set a docked window in the popup so you would have to have different containers or objects on the screen that use visibility or you can build the screens you want to load as templates and change which template is displayed based on what tab you use. If you build it all on one screen, I would disable everything that isn’t visible to. Disabling it will keep objects from running in the background that don’t need to be running.

With what it looks like your doing, personally, I would build a set of templates and replace the template instance based on the selected.

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but it’s a very good idea to do it with the “visible” property !!! , thank you very much for these ideas, why didn’t I think of it right away I can’t understand! But I can’t find how to access the tabs with this, there would be an example for several tabs, then most likely I would have dealt with the rest myself, probably!

The system I’m in right now is 7.9 but its the same idea for 8.0. If your doing visibility, you don’t need scripting, you can do an expression from your visible bindings looking at the Selected Tab for your tab strip. That value is the value you set for each tab’s Window Name in the Tab Strip Customizer.

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I realized, I’ll watch it tomorrow, because now I have 10 o’clock at night. Thank you very much! I will try, and I will report on the result!

It work, but i have the same problem with window “Information”. How I can change it?

What do you mean? What are you trying to change?

I want to make popup window but it is in full screen. Because where i use link it is opens in full screen window.

How do you have your window configured? If you open your window and look at your property editor, your settings in there will matter. You don’t want “Start Maximized” selected, “Maximizable” is optional. How do you have yours set up?

Is it replacing a different window with how your opening it? How are you opening it currently?

I circled my button

i have it like in next picture

i want it like in next picture

For the popup window, I don’t know if it matters or not but I would change your layer to 1. How is your button configured? Are you using open and center or are you using swap? To open it as a popup, you want to use open and center.

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Change “swapTo” to “openWindow” and that should solve it. Should be:

param1 = event.source.tagPath

window = system.nav.openWindow('Information/Main_Information', {'tagPath' : param1})
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Layer work and openWindow to!!! Thanks!