Tab Strip Show Selected Tab

If I set the selectedTab of a Tab Strip, but that tab is not currently on the screen because I have too many tabs to show on one screen, is there a way to set focus to that tab so that the user can see it is selected.

Currently it remains off screen so very confusing to user.

setting the selected tab property will make the tab that navigates to that window selected.

I was looking for a solution to this recently and ended up writing a small script to achieve it.
I don’t know if it’s the best solution but it works for me. Call the below script in the PropertyChange event (filtered for selectedTab property) for the Tab Strip component.

# Shift the tab strip so the selected tab appears in view (when there are too many tabs to show at once).
# The Tab Strip component should be passed in to the 'tabs' parameter. 
def showSelectedTab(tabs):
	cmpnts = tabs.getComponents()
	offset = cmpnts[0]
	pnl = cmpnts[1]
	x = 0
	w = 0
	for c in pnl.getComponents():
		if c.isSelected():
			x = c.getX()
			w = c.getWidth()
	tabsW = (tabs.width - offset.width)
	os = offset.getCurrentOffset()
	maxos = pnl.width - tabsW
	if maxos < 0:
		maxos = 0
	if x < os:
		os = x
	elif x + w > os + tabsW:
		os = x - (tabsW - w)
		if os > maxos:
			os = maxos