Tab Strip, Tab Security

I would like to see security on individual tabs with in the tab strip and visibility. Then if you have not been granted access to it you don’t see it.


You can do this in code today.

I have created a screen that checks on opening if it’s on a mobile device and then removes (hides) tabs if it is. This could be very easily changed to check user permissions. (I’ll see if I can find it later today)

Of course getting the IA devs to write the code once for us all is much better :smiling_imp:

Yeah, been workin’ on one today in my spare time-- keyboarding with one hand and a sandwich in the other… :laughing: Hope to have something to share in a day or two.

Event handler for

if system.util.getSystemFlags() & system.util.MOBILE_FLAG == system.util.MOBILE_FLAG: app.header.mobileMenu(event)

#adjust the tabStrip menu for mobiles def mobileMenu(event): import system menu = event.source.rootContainer.getComponent('Tab Strip').tabData headers = [] for c in range(menu.columnCount): headers.append(menu.getColumnName(c)) rows = [] for m in range(menu.rowCount): if menu.getValueAt(m,'NAME') != 'NotForMobile1' and menu.getValueAt(m,'NAME') != 'OnlyForBigScreen': row = [] for c in range(menu.columnCount): row.append(menu.getValueAt(m,c)) rows.append(row) event.source.rootContainer.getComponent('Tab Strip').tabData = system.dataset.toDataSet(headers,rows)

What this does is grab the entire dataset for the tab strip and then loops through it building a new one. If the row is a tab I don’t want to show I don’t include it in the new dataset.

So change the frame open event to check and the name of the tabs you want to not show and your done :slight_smile: