Tab when Enter Key Pressed

I have a template repeater with several labels and a single editable text field. When the user presses the tab key, focus moves to the next record in the template repeater as it should. I am trying to replicate this when the user presses the enter key. I can catch the enter key with

if event.keyCode==VK_ENTER:
#Do something

I can also add code to set focus to a specific field using the Component.requestFocus(). But what if the component is the same field, just in the next record of the template repeater.

Is there a way to reference the component on the next record?
Is there a way to just send a tab key when the users presses enter?
other ideas???
You can programatically add Enter to the set of focus traversal keys - you’ll have to translate the sample code from Java to Jython, and I’ll add a disclaimer that I have no idea what that might do to key handling on any other components, but it’ll probably be fine.