Tabbing Through Perspective Table

I have several applications that require data viewed using the table component in Perspective to be editable. Often times, data entry/editing en masse is needed and the most efficient way of doing this would be tabbing through cells in a table and typing in the values. Is there any way to achieve this functionality using the Perspective table component?

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That's not possible with the table component as cell edit can only be started with either single click, double click or long press.

You could achieve something like this with a pseudo 'table' made with a flex repeater.

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Yes, you need to make a custom view for the table cell and handle the editing in the view, then you can disregard all the built in table events etc. The view will have access to all the data in the row as a parameter so you can have a lot of control over what a user can do etc. The default cell behaviour that's baked into the control is only useful for read only data IMO. Even a simple view with a text input control or numeric input control will do what you want, but you will need to handle the data update either in the embedded view or send a page scoped message that can be handled by a listener in your main view (e.g. a listener on the table).