Table Bug in Version 7.9.4

Once you have created a table and assigned a binding to the data property. (for e.g. a SQL query) there is no way to remove or change the binding. You make any change and click the OK button nothing happens. Only way is to create a new power table.

I feel like theres something else going on here, that is quite the bug that would impact many, many people. Can you share any more details on what, exactly, you are doing?

Step 1: drag a table component to a form.
Step 2: Bind the data property with a SQL Query. Apply. OK.
Step 3: Run that once. Done with your work today. close the designer and reopen.
Step 4: Try to change the binding. Either change the SQL Query or Click ‘No Binding’, Click ‘OK’ to save your changes and close the dialog box and nothing will happen, OK button does not work. Binding cannot be changed.

I tried this in 7.9.6 of Ignition with no issues. If you bind the table to a query, the table populates with the query results as a dataset. Then if you change the binding to ‘No Binding,’ it will break the query binding. However, the table will retain the dataset that the last query run returned. Just delete the dataset in the property editor to clear the data out from the last query execution.