Table calcuations

I am trying to design table that will show value added time ( time the counter is changing) and non-value added time (when the counter is not counting). I would also like to add the mean, median to this data set. I am not sure on the coding of this and I am not sure if its even possible in ignition.

There is really too little information here.

Are we talking about uptime/downtime and production counters, or this for takt time? Is it delineated over time, per part, or some other unit not mentioned?

@JordanCClark is right, not much information here but i think you might be better off having a folder with the counter tag and two timers(from PLC), one timer that counts when the counter isn’t moving and one timer that counts when the counter is moving and put all in a transaction group and grab the data once every min or so.
I love using Ignition with as much as I can but there are some stuff that PLC does best…
if you can give more information we might be able to help you better.

First, you have to decide your definition of “moving”. It’s not knowable just from a cycle counter until at least the minimum takt time has passed.

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