Table/chart save to file issues with backspace key

I have just been told of a weird issue when using the “save” button on an easy chart or have a save to CSV script to save a tables data.

When the Windows popup appears to allow you to name the file and select a folder to save it to, pressing the backspace key when focus is in the file name area will both delete a text character and jump up a folder level at the same time?

I have tried this on a couple of different clients and PC’s and looks like it might be a windows 7 issue as an XP box had no issue…

Has this been raised before?

Running 7.6.3 on Windows server 2008 R2


EDIT: I found the issue still presented itself on another XP box…

I too have noticed this behaviour in the file save dialogs.

We’re aware of this, but there may not be anything we can do about it until we maybe change the Swing LookAndFeel we use some day. Kind of a weird bug.