Table Column Assignment


I need to log OPC items to an existing table in a SQL database. When I select the “Options, Edit Column Assignments”, the only mapping that I can do is to a date field with the timestamp property of the items. I an unable to map a particular tag to a specific field in the table.

Do I have something misconfigured in my group setup, or is this type of binding not available (i.e. like RSSQL)?


Hi Mark,

Every opc item that you create (or drag down) has a Field name property, which can be anything- including an existing column. “Field name” is a synonym of column name, so what you’re really saying is to map the item to that column.

It just so happens that when you drag items down they’re given a field name that mimics their plc address/short name. In a standard group, you’ll notice the first column of the items pane is ‘field name’, which for these opc items is also the item’s name. When you rename these items (by pressing ‘enter’, or selecting ‘rename’ from the right click menu) you’re actually changing the column mapping.

As for the column assignment tool- that’s for assigning the fields that aren’t items of the group but still map to the table, like index, timestamp, and quality.

Hope this helps,

Hi Colby,

I’ve got it working now. I just renamed the field names of the OPC items to match those in the db table like you suggested.

Thanks for your quick help!