Table column font

Hello everybody.

Is it possible (and how to) to set a specific font for each column of a table component (regardless from column values)?

Thanks in advance.

On a power table, it is easy.
Go to Component Scripting on the Power Table.
Under the Extension Functions, enable the configureCell function, then edit the font on the column you want. Here is an example of how to change the font.

if colName == 'Int Column':
	return {'font': 'Dialog, Bold, 12'}
elif colName == 'Float Column':
	return {'font': 'Arial, Bold, 20'}



Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately I’ve a legacy project and I cannot switch from “table” to “power table”.

Any other suggestions?

The only way I can think is to do it via html.

If you are pulling the data from an SQL query, add it there…

SELECT Column1,
	CONCAT('<HTML><b><FONT FACE = "Times New Roman">',Column2) as MyColumn
FROM MyTable


You can also use the Table Customizer and put in the Prefix for the column.

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Ohhh yess, Pat: it works.

Thank you.