Table column formatting problems with Date and Boolean values

Today we upgraded from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2. There are some problems with the table formatting:

  1. Using certain date formats such as ‘MM’ or ‘L’ causes the default date format to render, ignoring the format string. This includes the selections from the dropdown selectors in the property editor in the designer. ‘MMM’ works fine, as does ‘LL’. ‘MMM DD, YYYY’ does not work, but ‘MMM-DD, YYYY’ does.

  2. Boolean types rendered as checkbox always show checked. Changing the render format to string will show the ‘false’ values. Possibly related to [BUG-13224] in which this error was to be fixed, at least for JSON data.

Ignition Platform 8.0.2 (b2019060511)

This may be db driver related. We are using Microsoft SQLServer JDBC Driver. I note that when I use ‘llll’ format, about half of the rows are formatted correctly.

I do see the behavior present in 8.0.2.
I just tried to replicate both behaviors in 8.0.3 and am unable to do so (though that’s not to say that you couldn’t possibly have an issue with how your db is supplying the dates).

Ah, minor revelation after speaking with a dev: Datasets were their OWN issue, and were fixed with 13940, not 13224. So this behavior has been rectified in 8.0.3.

Boolean and Dates (default format)(8.0.3):

Dates (“MMM DD, YYYY” format)(8.0.3):

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