Table Column numberFormat for Euro?


I am trying to get numberFormat in table.props.columns.0 to display a number in dollars or euros, depending on a binding. Since the table is editable, I would rather not render it as a string and format that. I have tried putting the euro symbol in the format string but it does not seem to recognize it.

From what I can tell, numberFormat uses Numeral.js which can only change it’s currency symbol if the locale is changed. I tried changing the locale in the designer, which did not seem to do anything. Even if it did, that doesn’t seem like a great solution. Does anybody know of a way to do this?



I see what you mean. The number renderer removes the character even with the euro is properly quoted ‘€’
Changing the session local to places in Europe had no effect for me either

I figured out a work around.
I added an extra column just before the currency column and selected date for the renderer. In the date format, I used this binding expression: if ({../Checkbox.props.selected},'€','$')
In the actual currency column, I used this for the number format: (0,0.00)
Here are the column parameters
The key parameters are {justify: right, width: 10, strictWidth: True, header Title: " "}

This is the result:

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