Table component Header text of columns temporarily excluded

I have a table where the data (SQL query) that fills it can be modified by buttons (35 columns in total can be “zoomed” in&out and then indexed left and right to make the columns readable, i.e 10 columns sliced from the list of 35). My problem is if I fill the table with all 35 columns I can then fill in the Header for each column in the designer, but If I go into preview mode and reduce the table to say 3 columns selected out of the 35 and save it the Header text of the not selected columns reverts to empty when “zooming out”. Is there a solution to this?

The trick here is to get the table attributes dataset to store all 35 columns. As soon as you zoom in and go to the customizer you will lose the other columns that are no longer in the dataset. So bring back every column and modify them through the customizer. Once done save and don’t go into the customizer again unless it is for all 35 columns. Hope that helps.