Table component save data

I have a table component on a screen, this component has the edit turned on, under normal circumstances if you type in data in this screen the data will stay there until you close the screen. If you close then reopen the screen all the data you typed is gone.

So my question is, how can I save this data so that the next time the supervisor opens this screen the same data they typed before is still there?

I know of one way, that would be when the screen is closed, write the data to an SQL table, but I am thinking there has to be other ways to accomplish the same task.

Thanks and have a great day.

PS _ I know the runtime of the FPMI is all done basically local to each client. And if I have read and understood a lot of the other posts here if you want something to run at a given time period on one day and one day only and for only one time, the best approach would be to have the scripting in FSQL. WOuld this be a correct statement?

Well, you can keep a window resident in memory by setting its “cache policy” (expert property of the window) to “Always”). But…that data in the table is still very transient by nature - it will be lost when you log out and will not be shared with any other clients. The database is usually the way to go.

PS. yes.