Table Component Showing Ghost Values

I have a table with 7 data columns. These data columns are from individual historical tags. This is basic information such as serial number, time of completion, part number, recipe number, etc. I have the tags update using a direct bit scan class set to one shot and I have the historical set to another direct bit scan class one shot that fires 2 seconds later. I can look at the data in the tag browser and see them update all at once. But when I update the table, It gives me 4 new rows, each row unique because they are showing the last value it was up to the new value.

I don’t understand why its pulling this old value when I can clearly see that it never shows this in the data tag browser. I’ve tried all the settings I can see that’s available. It doesn’t make sense to me why its doing this and were the information is leaking in at. I’m using v7.9 and the basic table component with these data points dropped in. I just want to show one line per serial number.