Table Component - Table Customizer - Column Configuration

Is there a way to dynamically modify the properties of a specific column in a table? Specifically the Editable property?



There is a dataset called column attributes data under the data binding for a table which allows making changes to the properties of the table. In the attachment I am using the cell update option to make the Add Info column hidden by changing the value of HideAddInfo that is a Dynamic Property on the root container. In your case just select the editable column. Hope this helps


Is it possible to have the Progress Bar Range in a table’s Column Attributes dynamic?? And, can the range reference the value in a row/column in the same table? Here’s what we are trying to do:

  1. We have a table with min. capacity, max. capacity, and current weight. We would like the tables Current Weight column to have the progress bar enabled, and have it’s max/min reference the max/min columns in the table, for that particular row. (Each row’s max capacity will be different since each row references a different storage unit). Not sure if all this is possible, but it’s worth asking.

You can have the progress bar min/max be dynamic, just not directly. Since the value is just something from a SQL query, you can do it in there easily! Something like:SELECT min, max, value, value/(max-min)*100 as 'pct' FROM mytableThen just use the pct column instead of the value column.

Thank you Bobby. It works like a charm. As the saying goes - there’s more than one way to skin a cat. :stuck_out_tongue: