Table Component Usage

I have a table component that is bound to a named query. One column in the returned dataset contains a datetime in ms (1576606595580, for example). I want to format this column into a readable date format, but I’m not sure if I should do this from the table’s data binding (how to apply a transform to a single column returned by the named query) or if it is best practice to format whole columns of data before it gets to the table.

I also have the ability to right click and copy cell values, but it doesn’t add anything to my clipboard, regardless of the settings I’ve played with. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!

My general rule - if you can do it in the database query, do it in the database query. Getting you data in the way you want with databases is what their optimized for. Especially for a large data set. Not to mention I’m not sure how you would use a map for this exactly. Also, say you need to query this data in another table elsewhere at some point, you can just used the same named query instead of having to make a query and then configure a table.

Can’t help you on the clipboard setting unfortunately.

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