Table component use huge memory compare to report module table

I query same data on same time range both on power table component and table on report module.
The report module execute fast and use only 100MB of memory and free it up after a while.
But the power table component use about 1900MB and cause gateway be out of response or crash.
Even if I increase memory of gateway after each query the memory doesn’t free up and eventually gateway will crash and restart because of memory low.
Why power table component use this a lot of memory compare to report module?
Why ignition doesn’t free it even after I close the client session?

I’ve never run into such an extreme memory problem from a power table. There must be something else going on. Keep in mind that a report produces a single, static output – only the text and graphics in the report end up the client for display – everything else is discardable. A power table has to hold everything in memory since it is a dynamically adjustable display – sortable, filterable, etc.

Do you mean the gateway is hanging onto the memory?

I mean the memory usage on gateway doesn’t free up even after I close client.

Sounds like a bug. You probably want to talk to support. Note that it is almost certainly something to do with how you are querying the data for your power table – that’s pretty much the only thing the gateway is doing for it.