Table Component

I am wondering if there is additional documentation for the table component. The online manual lists a bunch of features and then doesn’t describe how to use them. I’ve pasted a few of the seemingly undocumented features below. I’m also curious what the “Column Data Attributes” property is and how it is used. As a last question, how do I query realtime values from SQLtags to get them into a dataset for table display?

The Table component is very powerful and easy to configure. It is very flexible, allowing you to easily display your tabular data in a variety of ways. Important features include:
• Mapped Row Coloring. Map the background color of each row to a particular column. This allows you to give powerful visual indication of different types of rows in you tables, such as differentiating between alarm states.
• Column Translation. Allow the table component to handle all code mapping, such as mapping 0 to “Off” and 1 to “On”. No fancy SQL knowledge required.
• Images. Map values to images, allowing intuitive visual cues.
• Progress Bar Indication. Display numeric data as progress bars inside cells, providing fast visual reference for bounded amounts.
• Number and Date formatting. Format numbers and dates to your exact specification.
• Column Hiding. Hide columns from view that contain identifying data used by the row coloring or by other components.

Note to Moderators: I just noticed that I accidentally posted this to FactoryPMI. This actually relates to Ignition v7.2.3. Please move the thread if you think best.

All of the features you listed are configured via the table’s customizer. The settings you configure in the customizer are stored in the “column attributes” dataset. This allows you to alter the customizer configuration at runtime through scripting. Check out the customizer and let us know if you have any questions.