Table components with sub header rows

I’m guessing the answer to this question is likely “no”, but is there a way to add sub-headings to Table or Power Table components on screens?
Something like this:


Unless something has changed, nope.

You can cheat. Set the merged cells in the cellSpanData property.
Hide the header on the table. Rows 0 and 1 will become the fake header.
In configureCell, change the text value for rows 1 and 2.

Or you can use a template / template repeater for each row and make it look like a table.

That doesn’t apply to the header.

Correct. I forgot to add say “hide the header” and make row 0 = Node, Current, Temp, Humidity
row 1 = “”,Temp, Humidity, Min, Max, Avg, Min, Max, Avg.