Table configuration with 3 different history binding


I want to make a table with time stamp and 3 different history binding in 3 different column. I bind the data to the table config data but I can not see all the columns I want on the table just the last one I assigned.
I bind all 3 history tag on the data like below;


I want to have a table like below;

But this is what I get time stamp looks weird and there is 1 column of data the last binded one not all 3 of them

Looking forward for advise


Hi @berkay.cinar, you will need to configure the props.columns property in the table to match what you want to display.

Have a play, but if you need further help in configuring this, post back here and we can work through it together :slight_smile:

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Hello Matthew,

I got it to work adding to the columns property, thanks.

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