Table Control Loading very slow

We have been seeing some unexpected behavior for the table control in our project. We are running 7.6.4rc4 as of this morning and still seeing this issue. When loading a table with a SQL Query it loads very slow. The query runs @ 1 second or so in QA returning 10000+ rows. It how ever takes the table in ignition several seconds to load the table. This behavior was not seen in 7.5 we have queries that could return 50000+ rows depending on what the user picked for date range and its instantaneous.

After so testing it appears to be something in the rendering of the table going on in 7.6.4. If you ROWCOUNT limit the rows to 1000 rows it loads very fast. Again like i said we don’t see this happening in 7.5.

Anyone else seeing this.

Is the delay only when the query changes and runs or is there also a delay just when scrolling through the table? Is it possible that the database table has grown in size since 7.5 and the query just takes longer to load now?