Table Customizer not appearing

I have a new window and have added a table. The table data source is set to a SQL Query. The Query results in data and the Table shows the rows. When I click on the “Table Customizer”, nothing happens. In the table properties, the “Column Attributes Data” shows .

How can I show / edit the column attributes?

Open the Table Customizer
Click OK

The columnAttributesData should fill in now.

(Oh, sorry, I didn’t see that the Table Customizer is not opening. Try saving the project and re-opening?)

Saving / re-launching designer didn’t fix it. If I add a new table, with no data source, then click the “Table Customizer” it shows up no problem. As soon as I add my SQL and fill the table with the results, the table customizer will not open.

Here’s my SQL:

pmi.position as’Position’, as ‘IngName’,
ig.unitpackage as ‘PackageWeight’,
ig.uom as ‘PackageUOM’,
pmi.unitpackageno as ‘PackagesRequired’,
pmi.partialweightkg as ‘PackageRemainder’,
pmi.weightkg as ‘TotalRequiredWeight’,
pmi.lotnumberactual as ‘LotNum1’,
pmi.lotnumber2actual as ‘LotNum2’,
pmi.lotnumber3actual as ‘LotNum3’,
pmi.unitpackagenoactual as ‘Lot1PackQty’,
pmi.unitpackageno2actual as ‘Lot2PackQty’,
pmi.unitpackageno3actual as ‘Lot2PackQty’,
pmi.partialweightkg2 as ‘Lot2PartialPackQty’,
pmi.partialweightkg3 as ‘Lot3PartialPackQty’

productmixingredients pmi
LEFT JOIN ingredients ig ON = pmi.ingredientid
pmi.productmixid = 6853

I am using 7.6.4

Thanks for your help!

You’re using the column name ‘Lot2PackQty’ twice, which will make the customizer throw an exception. You probably wanted to use the digit 3 in one of them.

For future info, when you have a problem like this, it’s usually a good idea to look at the console in the Designer. In this case, the console would give you a message about an illegal argument exception, and tell you the name of the duplicated column. Saves a lot of heartache. :slight_smile:


That did it… I’ll keep an eye on the output console… didn’t realize that it’s the location that shows errors like that… I would have expected some kind of pop-up message when the table customize failed to load.

Thanks! :smiley: