Table Customizer Not Showing

When I added this SQL statement to the binding of my table, the customizer wont show when I click on it.

SELECT * FROM work_order JOIN proj_state ON work_order.state =

But if I remove the JOIN, the table customizer will show.
I have Ignition 7.5 and Java 7 Update 5

It looks like the tables you’re joining have columns with the same name, is that correct? If so, you’ll want to use aliasing to give the ambiguous columns distinct names. Here is an example:

table names: table, table2
column names that are the same in each table: item, item1

	t1.item as i, t1.item1 as i1, t2.item as i2, t2.item1 as i3 
	table as t1 
	table2 as t2 on =

returns table with four columns: i, i1, i2, i3