Table customizer - number format

I am trying to calculate some values in python script using Dataset and dumping that data to table.
In this case table data is not shown formatted as per table customizer number format.

I am not able to understand, why the table customizer works is not working? is table customizer is working with data bindings only? If I configure the Tag history Data binding to the table then number format given in the table customizer is working and showing values as per number format.

I am using
**Ignition version 7.9.3 (b2017060210) **
**Java version 1.8.0_161-b12 **
OS - windows 7 64 bit

Make sure your script-generated dataset has exactly the same column names as the original dataset used with the customizer.

Also make sure you aren’t accidentally converting numbers to strings within python. The table’s number formatter will only work if the column is all actual numbers.

Hi pturmel,
Keeping the same column (headers) names, solved the problem.
Thank you very much.:relaxed: