Table Customizer - Translation List issue

I have created 3 Translation lists in my table customizer but as you can see below the translation is not coming out correct?

I have checked the data behind the translation and its correct? It always only affects the first couple of rows?

Any ideas?


How are you populating the data on the table? It looks like the data in those cells has bad quality.

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Yes you are right, I spoke too soon. I have a data retrieval issue. If you compare the two images below, you will see the data is retrieved and displayed in the table when I change the query window slightly.

I must be missing something simple here. Here is the data binding on the table.

Try setting ‘Avoid Scanclass Validation’. For a variety of reasons, the scan class validation mechanism doesn’t work as well as it should, and generally leads to false-positives; we’re planning to rework it in the future.

Thanks Paul,

Unfortunately that didn’t fix it. Ok if you think this is an internal bug that needs to be fixed rather than some configuration issue on my part, ill try and figure out a way of hiding table row if one of he row’s data point has bad quality. Not ideal but not sure what other choice I have.