Table customizer

I’m pulling info into a table from a SQL query. The date is coming in a format “2013012203608”. In the table customizer I’m telling that column to use the Date Format of “M/d/yyyy h:mm a” but that doesn’t change the format. How can i change this date format in the table?

It is not changing the value displayed because it is not a date. The column is most likely a string. If you click on the dataset view button on the data property of the table, you can see the data type of the column by selecting it. If it is a string you will have to perform a cast in the SQL query:SELECT CAST(dateCol AS DATETIME)

the column is a double

Ok, you do have to convert it to a date field so you can use our date format.

Ok. That column is now a ‘date’. When I change the date format it displays the format correctly then quickly switches back to the double format. When I check the column properties it changed it back to a double…?

Yes because you have to convert it from the SQL query. When the query runs again it creates a whole new dataset with a double column.