Table data display on chart with dynamic date and column


from the Image
Dynamically date time and column can be select

  1. I want to bind this table to chart so which chart should be select?
  2. If I select date and column range ex. date from Dec 1, 2021 10:53 to Dec 2, 2021 13:50 and column range is from column A to column B. so for respective dates can we able to display all values(for A column:30,39,36 and for B column:10,11,23) on the chart with separate bar.(ex. from image date: Dec 1, 2021 10:53, column A value: 30, show on bar, Dec 1, 2021 4:40, column A value: 39, show on another bar , and so on…)

Need in perspective

Thank you

Why are you making an other topic? please keep related stuff in the same topic

also i gave a suggestion there yesterday