Table - Date formatting with json

I am working on a overview table and I ran into a problem.

On data property I have a query binding that returns some data including dates.

If I select “dataset” as a return format. Everything works just fine. I can format the date.
If I select “json” as a return format then the dates come in as timestamp (I guess, see the picture) and I cannot format them.

I would like to use json as a return format because it makes it easier for me to color the background based on some conditions. Can I make it work with json too?



Thanks for any advice!

if you add items to the column prop you should be able to select a type and format for them

I do have columns set up in the columns prop but It just considers it a number not a date.

I tried to do on each of those but that ends up as a string.

Alright. I had to set the render to date like so:

Seems like with dataset it can decide what kind of column is it.

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